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My Story

I have always loved flowers, but my interest intensified after my grandma passed away. She had a passion for flowers and it became my way to stay connected to her. I started to play around with bouquets that you would buy at the grocery store and always had flowers in my home.

fall grocery store bouquet that I arranged in a real pumpkin

In 2010, my best friend was engaged and planned to marry in April. Like many brides she was on a budget and I offered to help with the flowers. It was so much fun to pick out flowers, order them, and create her vision. Because I didn't have any actual training I was afraid to attempt the bridal bouquet or boutonnieres on my own, so I paid a free-lance florist to do it. However, I did manage to create the bridesmaids bouquets and centerpieces. I loved being a part of her special day and decided that I would seek out formal education on floral design.

first bridesmaid bouquet I made • my best friend and I on her wedding day.

After her wedding I felt inspired and wanted to be a part of other folks special day. After a recommendation from a family member about San Diego's ROP programs, I discovered a series of classes offered at Southwestern Community College. It was there that I met Betty Patterson De Sol, a caring and passionate instructor that patiently teaches all levels of floral design and truly prepares you for the real world of floral design in her classes. Her years of experience in the industry is evident and she is more than happy to impart her wisdom on her students.

my first floral arrangement in design class • my favorite arrangement from class

I have successfully completed 5 semester long courses in floral design and have taken every opportunity that I can to volunteer at local floral arranging events such as the San Diego County Fair Flower and Garden Exhibit, the San Diego Botanical Garden Fundraiser Gala, and Art Alive at the Museum of Art in Balboa Park.

san diego botanical garden gala 2012 • san diego county fair wedding event 2013

I have truly found an art that I love and hope to you will consider me for your next event or special occasion.

Megan Peeples-Walck

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