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Wedding Extras

As a florist, you try to minimize the amount of extra flowers you have after a wedding. This helps keep the price down for your client and also increases the profit you can make on an event. Inevitably you will have some left overs. I tend to buffer a little so that I can account for any potentially damaged flowers that arrive. When you do find that you have few extra you can create great little give away pieces for family and friends. I delivered to a wedding on a Sunday afternoon and my aunt's birthday dinner was on Sunday night. I was able to give her a great little arrangement with some of the extra flowers I had.

Clean and simple

This past weekend two very awesome people that I know had a house warming party. I brought this arrangement along as a gift. I kept the arrangement simple and clean. The turquoise container with the white and yellow flowers give it a fresh clean look. I have simply chosen yellow African roses, white alstermeria, and the deliciously scented white stoc. I think it looked great on their dining room table with the San Deigo skyline in the background.
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